I am a game designer with a passion for creating immersive and out of the ordinary experiences. I currently work at HiDef, where I put my strong creative and team skills to use every day.

I am also a Game Design graduate from Indiana University where I worked as the Game Designer and Producer at Crimson Ink Games for an original indie project titled The Shadows That Linger - a murder mystery game now available on Itch.io.

What makes me a proficient game designer? First, I take a detail-oriented approach to my design - I focus on every feature of a game not only as individual, significant pieces, but as equal and interconnected contributors toward the whole player experience. I design games such that their mechanics, systems, narrative, art, audio, and UI/UX all compliment and support each harmoniously to ensure the fullest possible experience for the player.

In addition, I am proud of the way I communicate across disciplines. Through my daily interactions with professionals within the many fields involved in developing games, I excel in bringing together people of various skill sets with unified goals.

Lorraine & Crystal Ball.png

In this spiritual mystery game, solve your sister's murder by

channeling your crystal ball to learn from ethereal shadows.

Demoed at                                         2020 Exhibitor Showcase

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