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The Shadows That Linger

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The Shadows That Linger is a supernatural mystery game where you play as a medium named Ilana who can peer into the shadow realm.

  • Platform: PC (

  • Engine: Unity

  • Team size: 10

  • My roles: Game Designer / Producer

My team (Crimson Ink Games) was a winner in the IU Media School's Shark Tank game pitching competition, and went on to demo the game at the GDEX 2020 Exhibitor Showcase.

Design Goals

  • Immerse the player in a dark world of paranormal noir

  • Allow the player to solve a mystery by using supernatural abilities

  • Emphasize the use of color in an otherwise black and white setting

My Responsibilities

Gameplay & Systems

  • Shadow Vision - a proximity-based discovery mechanic that highlights hidden clues with spiritual traces. The player can click on the crystal ball to toggle Shadow Vision, which dims the environment and allows Ilana to focus on her crystal ball. The player can then move their cursor across the screen in search for clues. The closer their cursor is to a hidden item, the more intensely the crystal ball glows until ultimately revealing the item. I designed clue discovery this way because I felt it was engrained in Ilana's powers and made the player feel like a spiritual medium

  • Shadow Dialogue - a probing ability that allows the player to discern the true forms of characters' shadows, which carry their darkest secrets. The player can use this ability when they engage in a conversation with an NPC. When they do so, the NPC's shadow takes a haunting form and reveals the true meaning behind the character's words. This ability offers another way to unravel the mystery by functioning as a sort of lie detector or way of reading characters' minds

  • Energy System: Using these dark, spiritual powers drains Ilana's energy, but there are ways for the player to restore it. By performing acts of self-care, such as drinking tea, petting the family dog, or freshening up in the bathroom, Ilana can regain lost energy. These moments serve to lighten the tension of solving a murder while showing off another side of Ilana


  • Develop noir setting and central theming

  • Come up with the game's cast of characters

  • Work closely with writers


  • Typical producer stuff: Build a project time line, conduct regular team meetings, assign tasks, facilitate communication, help unblock teammates, and review sprints

  • ​In 2020, I helped the team transition to full remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I began conducting our meetings via Zoom and moved the majority of our communication to Slack

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