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Speed Zone - Digital Dash is a gesture-based sports game exclusively located in an NFL stadium. Run in place to control a virtual football player and score a touchdown as quickly as you can.

  • Studio ..........

  • My role ........

  • Platform ......

  • Engine ........

  • Team size ...

bully! entertainment

Contract Game Designer

PC (on-site in Lumen Field)

Unreal Engine 5​


My Responsibilities

  • Write & maintain GDD

  • Design gameplay & customization

  • Produce asset lists

  • Support accessibility

Design Notes

My main goal with Speed Zone - Digital Dash was to make the player feel lightning fast. In effort to hyperbolize the player character's speed, I helped establish the electricity-themed assets (such as VFX and sound effects) and cinematic camera angles we featured. This was part of designing a rapid build-up of speed and intensity in the gameplay that's both responsive and exciting.

It was also important to offer accessibility to players who are unable to run, so I helped design alternative gestures that our motion-tracking cameras could register, such as flapping arms.

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