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Soul Mates (Demo)



Soul Mates is a dating sim for dead people. Pursue love in the afterlife as a new ghost in a town full of other single spirits. Court and go on dates with your spectral suitors until you've finally found your soul mate.

  • Platform: PC (

  • Engine: Unity

  • Team size: 8

  • My roles: Game Designer / Producer

*We currently have a demo on, with plans to release the full game this Halloween.

Design Goals

  • Reimagine what an afterlife could be like

  • Create a heartwarming experience in a deathly setting

My Responsibilities

  • Design an original afterlife: In Soul Mates, I've designed the afterlife as a dimension comprised of different resorts. Each dead person is sent to a certain resort depending on what their soul lacked during life. The player character has been specifically assigned to Honeywood - a resort for hopeless romantics who never found "the one". Here in Honeywood, a version of the grim reaper acts as the resort's manager and a matchmaker for lonely souls

  • Feature a diverse cast of NPCs: As I've written time to work differently in this afterlife setting, we've made an effort to vary our characters by featuring ones from different time periods and backgrounds

  • Comfort the playerIt’s unfortunately all too common for young adults to stress over finding “the one” and settling down in time; most people don't wish to die alone. However, this game's love story aims to alleviate that societal pressure through lighthearted humor and by reassuring the player there's no need to fret over finding a life partner ASAP, if ever. In this game, your soul mate waits for you on the other side

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