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CyBall is a futuristic soccer-themed strategic multiplayer game.

  • Platform: PC (browser)

  • Engine: Unity

  • Team size: 10+

  • My roles: Game Designer

Working on CyBall made me step outside my comfort zone (since I'm not a crypto guy) while allowing me to gain the following hands-on experience:


  • Designing features midway through a game's development

  • Designing for multiplayer

  • Designing a CCG

Design Goals

  • Fill in missing details and expand on the game's design

  • Improve UX

My Responsibilities

  • Balance cards and introduce new ones: I reviewed and playtested several dozens of playable cards, then tweaked them over and over again until they felt balanced. I also designed new cards that fit into the gameplay and interactions of existing cards

  • Define missing assets: Once the project was handed to our studio, I went through the existing build and asset folders to determine what else the game needed. I came up with a detailed list of missing character animations, VFX, sound effects, and music, all of which the team went on to create and implement

  • Refine UI layout: I worked closely with animators and engineers to iterate on the placement, sizing, and effects of the game's UI. The subjects of my mockups included screen elements such as the player's hand of cards, 'mana' tracker, scoreboard, character icons, and post-match stats

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