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Sound Recording & Mixing

"Letters From Strangers" is a 12-minute-long audio play that I mixed. Audiobook narrator Angie Hickman portrays a grieving widow reading letters from thankful strangers to whom her late husband donated his organs.

In this mix, I was responsible for editing and piecing together all voice lines, sound effects, ambience, and music. My goals were to bring the worlds described in each letter to life, as well as to make the listener feel empathy toward the main character's conflicting feelings of loss and appreciation.

A Tense Dinner Argument
00:00 / 00:46

For "A Tense Dinner Argument", I directed two voice actors to deliver their lines from a vague script as if they were a falling-apart couple having an argument in a restaurant.


I recorded all of the sounds I used in this mix myself, including:

  • voice actor 1 (Ivy Xu)

  • voice actor 2 (Garrett Goad)

  • room tone

  • clothing movement

  • wine pouring into glass

  • table hit

  • silverware on plate

  • crowd chatter

  • piano

Equipment I used:

  • Shotgun Microphone - Audio Technica AT897

  • Sound Device MixPre-3

  • K-Tek Boom Pole KE-110

  • Senal Studio Headphones SMH-550


This is an original, funky-techno-pop song I created based off of a photo I took one 4th of July. The colorful fireworks reminded me of shooting stars, and together they seemed to form an expressive disco in the nighttime sky.

Software: Logic Pro

This is a condensed jazz cover of Undertale's popular song, "Megalovania". I wanted to cover a song from a video game soundtrack using a different genre, when one particular day I happened to both play the game Undertale and watch the spy film Casino Royale. This song is what ensued.


Software: Reason

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